Friday, July 17, 2009


"All along the vast extent of samsara's journey, we have become ingrained in misconceptions about things all around us, believing mere forms to be facts of life. The truth is that all things, big or small, in the ultimate sense, are a mere heap of elements, a mass of elements, a collection of elements, a lump of elements, and nothing more. The definitive insight is the first light of the Buddha's Teaching, knowledge in comprehending the Dhamma...

Earth has the property of hardness or softness. This property is the earth element, in the ultimate sense.

Water has the property of cohesion or liquidity. This property is the water element, in the ultimate sense.

Fire has the property of heat or cold. This property is the heat element, in the ultimate sense.

Wind has the property of support or motion. This property is the wind element, in the ultimate sense.

The meaning of these four great elements should be digested and learned by heart."

from The Manual of Light by Alan-Kyan
translated by Ledi Sayadaw